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Corvette Steering Wheel End Table with Hub Cap Base Pedestal Table by Frost Auto Decor Custom Built Made to Order

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Stock Photo! Yours will be custom built to your specifications.

Table shown is 29" H, but can be shortened.

A glass top within 18-22" is recommended. It is not shown, but it is included.

These are made to order. This table was built from used 59 model Corvette parts, which makes a beautiful piece!

Price depends on the parts used. Contact me and we'll work together to build your table to your budget.

The table costs $700 plus parts. 

I can replicate the one shown for the price listed, $950. The used hub caps I found for that one came in a set of 2 and the one I didn't use is pretty beat up. 

I can gamble and try to find a nice used one. $1,200.  The one shown in the listing was used, but I was able to clean it up and luckily it didn't have any dents.

If you want one with a new reproduction hub cap, the cost is $1700 because they come in a set of 4.

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