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My name is Magda, I'm an automotive artist specialized in realistic pencil drawing. I love drawing realism, it's very addicting and satisfying. I push myself further every time.

Timeless drawing pieces of art

I've been drawing for most of my life. After trying many things in art I've decided to put my focus on cars. I always found cars fascinating, especially classic cars. I like to think of my drawings as restoration projects. I believe these cars deserve every hour I put into drawing them.

I was always very curious, I loved trying new things, my parents supported me in it. I am very lucky to say that I have found my passion. I can't live without it, once you find your thing it's impossible to. It made me struggle in school, it felt suffocating, not being able to do what I love when I wanted to. Now I'm done with school and automotive art is something I do full time. I want to grow my own business, connect with people all around the world and have few art shows. I put patience and perseverance over everything else.

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