Jaguar Car Piston Clock - Gift for British Car Fans

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Here is a Clock, created from the Piston of a real Jaguar car engine!

Measuring at 9 inches tall, with the base 3.25 inches around, this Jaguar piston makes a fantastic conversation piece on a desk.

The piston clock is available in 2 different finishes - the original patina finish, and the elegant finish. You can see examples of both in the pictures, but whichever you choose the whole item is protected in a deep gloss finish - you will never get dirty touching the clock! You also have the option to choose the color of the ring around the clock face. Most common choices are Gold, Silver or Black.

The Piston is an integral part, deep inside the engine, any car fan would be thrilled to have a Piston re-purposed as clock - particularly this clock for British car lovers!

The clock weighs approx 3 lb, which helps it to have a strong, industrial feel to it.

The Quartz clock is battery powered, and a battery is supplied with the item. Time adjustment and battery replacement are easily carried out from the back of the clock, without dis-assembly of the piston.

Please note the option to add a custom plaque to your piston. The plaque can say whatever you would like, or have a logo on it. Note the second to last picture in the listing is not of the Jaguar piston - but represents the plaque option. If you would like to add a plaque, please message us upon purchase of the clock and we will send you a separate invoice for the additional $19 plaque fee.

Please note the option to have your piston finished in any color you like! If you do not choose a color, the piston will be made with the clear finish as pictured. Note the last picture - of an Orange Piston Clock!

Check out my shop for different brands of piston clocks, and many more cool Automotive Decor items! There are only 13 of these Jaguar Piston Clocks available - get yours before they are gone!

If you would like a Piston Clock from a certain car - please let me know and I will do my best to make it happen!
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