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Tesla Model S Plaid 3rd Generation Poster Gift | 2021 - 2022 | Automotive Art Blueprint |Boxed Gift for Him

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Tesla Model S is an exclusive technology car in the automotive world.

This is the Plaid 3rd and latest Generation. Years 2021- 2022.

This blueprint poster shows its dimensions and main specs.

High quality poster printed directly on metal with a matte finish.

You can even feel the rugged pain on the metal surface at the touch. The edges are machine bent to prevent cuts or injuries. This is the highest quality of metal print in the world.

They are already FRAMED, gift packed and ready to display. The frame is 3D printed directly on the poster. It's beautiful!

Mounting system with a magnet is included in the box. Installing is so easy anyone can do it in less than 3 minutes.

We don't offer returns but if something goes wrong just send us a message and we'll find a solution for you.

Free and Fast shipping, tracking and delivery!

You can enter the VIN number of your car or the name of the person you are dedicating this poster if you want to include it in the design.

Display this RidePlate at your garage, office, home or car show and enjoy it!

Ours supplies don't last forever. We are updating the inventory every day. So if you are already decided don't wait and order as soon as possible to avoid delays related to inventory shortages.

Those posters are what you have been looking for to create a nice impression. They make the perfect gift for that hard to buy person that love cars.
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